23rd Sep. 2021


No one can deny that most of us love to watch sports - can be any sport like Cricket, Football, Rugby, Volleyball, etc. The detailed and insightful commentary, thrilling gameplay makes sports more competitive and engaging for all of us. But have we ever thought about what makes athletes perform so well and why the sports are getting more and more compelling for us being a viewer?

Today, ‘Data is the new oil’ - something that the world has accepted and over the last few years, many small and large corporations have invested huge sums to ensure that they are ahead of the curve by using data to make intelligent decisions. The sports, which were natural and instinctive, are now driven by numbers and stats to improve performance.

As the world goes digital and data-driven, the sports industry is also transforming rapidly. As per recent surveys, the sports industry has been dominating the usage of data analytics. It is estimated that the global sports analytics market will reach $6.37 billion by 2026 as per the report by Allied Market Research. In this blog, you will study why data analysis is so important for the sports industry and how Scorpad can help many athletes to shine. Let’s dive in to find it out.

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Why Is Data Analysis Important In The Sports World?

Be it Sachin Tendulkar, who made more than 1.2 Million Indians and Cricket fans across the world or the Tennis trio in the men's circuit where Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic continue to mesmerise us with their consistency or brilliance of Serena Williams who continues to dominate Women’s Tennis after more than 20 years since winning her first grand slam.

All these names and a lot of others are some of the greatest names that have played their sport but it is not just their skills and their grit; determination that made them the players they are. You will be amazed when you get to know that Data Analysis has played a huge role to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge over opponents. Data and Analytics plays a significant role not only for athletes but also for clubs, leagues, broadcasters, venue operators. Let us walk you through a few of the aspects where Data Analysis is leading the way.

Helping Coaches & Teams To strategize Effectively:

Sports has always been considered as entertainment by us being a viewer. But it's way more than what we think. The foundation for any team or athlete to perform well depends on the strategies made against the opponents. Understanding the gameplay of opponents, their strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies can help coaches & teams to make the right strategies for any game situation.

This is where Data & Analytics plays a huge role. With advancements and innovations, today, Data & Analytics software has capabilities to provide insightful data, analysis of individual players, field conditions and helps to strategize depending on the conditions.

Helping Athletes To Record & Analyse The Performance:

Did you know? The Former Coach of the Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson, once said that the strength of the entire team lies in the hands of each member. We do believe what he said. In any sport, an individual player plays a crucial knock in winning or losing the game for a team. If you don’t know the capabilities, the strength of the player or don’t record or analyse the gameplay of an individual, it can affect the team’s performance.

To avoid this, Data Analytics is being used to record, analyse, and boost the performance of athletes and players. Hundreds of different metrics are recorded & analysed using video analytics or wearables and then using advanced analytics software, various crucial data is derived on an individual's body type and athletic capabilities to scale up the performance.

Helping Teams To Predict Player’s Action:

Every sport has moments when we stop doing other things and keep biting our nails out of curiosity and such critical moments can impact the game result. At such crucial moments & under huge pressure, the player's movement and action can decide the fate. A coach always needs the right player who can sail the team through such conditions.

Data scientists have developed a technique named “Ghosting”, where predictive algorithms are used to identify how the players will react to different and uncertain game situations. This helps teams and coaches to identify the right player under such game-changing conditions.

Helping To Create A Better Viewing Experience:

Is there anyone who has followed any sport for a considerable period? If so then you must have observed how sports broadcasting has evolved over the years. Today, Data has changed the perspective of broadcasting and watching the game. The viewers are becoming more data-savvy. There was a time when the commentary was all about sharing what’s happening in the game on TV and Radio but today everything has changed. It is more about educating the viewers with data and stats to make the viewing experience more compelling.

Broadcasters now are hiring Data & Stats Gurus to provide detailed information to viewers, helping everyone to understand the actual context of any performance.

How Scorpad Can Help Athletes?

Access to the right data in the hands of common sports enthusiasts gives rise to the potential of bringing new champions on the field. With this single-track focus, the idea of Scorpad was born. Scorpad’s vision is to be the platform of choice for all athletes to record, analyse, improve and collaborate. Scorpad offers tremendous insights into sports through its analytics module. The platform will help every athlete to record the match data and help them to improve their performance by analyzing it.

Apart from recording, and analysis, Scorpad comes up with a feature of Performance Profiling Tool, which is widely used to evaluate one’s performances and track improvements over the period, as you make changes to your training plans.

The fact that one tool, an application can make it possible for players to recognize the true potential in them is astonishing in itself and players can have more control over their performance on field than ever before.


With the rising preference for sports as a career option, there is also growing demand for tracking and monitoring the athletes’ performance and accordingly strategizing to improve the player’s performance.

And the question of how sports are getting more and more compelling for us being a viewer, Data & Statistics is the perfect answer for it. If you are an aspiring athlete and looking to groom your performance, then Scorpad is the right platform for you.



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