Community Standards

Scorpad prides itself in being the platform of choice for all athletes who wish to record, analyse, improve and collaborate.

As a member of the Scorpad community, we believe that every athlete needs to respect the sport(s) they play, the rules and other fellow athletes.

The Athlete

Focus on your sport without getting distracted by any external factor.

Ensure you follow every safety measure and take care of yourself as well as your opponents and teammate

Scorpad offers lot of privacy settings which can help you keep your online activities to yourself.

Your body gives you signals all the time. Respect those and ensure proper rest. Injuries are part of any sport; remember you need proper injury care and management.

Fellow Athletes

Respect your coaches, trainers, teammates and opponents. Remember, it’s just a sport!

Play hard, but always play fair.

What you say matters a lot. ONLINE TOO

Respect other athletes and always stay away from content that might be abusive or offensive.

Last updated 10 October, 2021