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Users will be able to search your profile on Scorpad and start following you. They will be able to view your profile, endorse your skills, view your public activities. Once they start following you, your activities will appear on their feed and they can Like or Comment on your activity. You will receive a notification when users start following you on Scorpad

Users will be able to search your name on Scorpad irrespective of you account privacy setting. In case of Public account, users can start following you. Your activities with the privacy setting of Everyone will appear on their feed and they can Like or Comment on activities. In case of Private accounts, user will have to send you a Follow request. Once you accept this request, they will have your activities, with the privacy setting as Everyone as well as Connection, on their feed and they can Like and Comment on them.

A personal account in Scorpad is not visible to any other Scorpad user. You can make your account Personal from the Settings section of Scorpad. Scorpad users will be able to search your name but will not be able to see your profile or activities. You will not be able to make any connections if your account is personal.

The delete account option is available in the app settings. You will lose all your data including your activities, awards and your statistics. You will also lose your Scorpad subscription. You cannot retrieve your account once deleted.

Please check the Spam folder once for the email verification mail. You can write to [email protected] from your primary email address. Our team will assist you in the verification process.

Scorpad offers two download options. In the first option, you can download your Scorpad profile in PDF format. This download option is available on the User Profile section of the app. Scorpad also allows you to download your statistics if you are a Premium user. This is a very important tool available to athletes to track, analyse and improve your game.

You can control your account's visibility using Scorpad's Account privacy settings. Activity level privacy settings allow you to control the activity level visibility. Changing one privacy setting does not impact the other.

Well known members with a mass following different backgrounds are typically given the verified account status. All major social media platforms have the same functionality.

Any activity that affects the user experience is important for us. The notifications setting allows you to control your email notifications. You cannot block all email notifications as they might contain account specific information. Request you to reach out to us on [email protected] in case of any clarifications.

Scorpad requires an active data connection for login and using all other features.

Score but does not do any actual tracking or use GPS signals when you are using the app. Hence the data requirements on Scorpad are minimal. We recommend that you check with your mobile operators on the costs before using Scorpad.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. Please write to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you with your subscription. Please send us any receipt or transaction details if you have you received them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to this. Please write to us on [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Scorpad memberships do not have an auto-renewal option. Your account just becomes a Basic account once your subscription plan expires. Your PRO data is safe and you will have access to all this data once your renew your subscription.

Scorpad memberships do not have auto renewal option. We will reach out to you before the subscription expiry. You can make necessary payment to renew the subscription. Please be rest assured that your data is safe and there will be zero data loss due to any renewal related delays. The premium features will not be accessible during this delay.

Your Scorpad subscription terms cannot change once you have paid. On purchasing a new subscription, it only comes into effect after the expiry of the first plan.

Scorpad offers access to all PRO features as part of the referral benefits. You can encash these benefits from the Referral sub-section in Settings section in Scorpad.

The statistics section of Scorpad is accessible only to premium users. This data will not be accessible to normal users. Your data is safe with us and the moment you pay your subscription, all this data will be accessible again.

Please don't worry. Your amount will be credited to the source account within 7 days. If you still haven't received the money, please reach out to us on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you with the same.

You can share your referral code with your friends. There are two types of referral codes in Scorpad. The first code gets you the benefit when your friend downloads the app with your code/ download link. The second code is for premium users. You get the benefit when your friend uses this code to get premium membership.

You can search for your friends from your phone contacts or Facebook. You can follow your friends who are already on Scorpad or invite them to join Scorpad. If your friend’s account on Scorpad is private, they will have to explicitly accept your connection request in order to establish the relationship and start getting the activities on your feed.

Your statistics give a detailed view of your performances and hence are always private. The same way, you can view your friend’s profile but cannot view their detailed statistics.

Every activity or post on Scorpad can have their own privacy settings. Activities with the privacy setting "Just You" will not be visible to anyone else. This might be the reason that you don't see your friend's activities on your feed.

You can block any Scorpad athlete from their profile page. The action to block the user will not trigger any notification. Once you block a user, the user will not be able to see your activities or posts on their feed. The list of all Blocked users is available in the Manage Connections in the Settings section of the app.

While adding Tennis, Badminton or Table Tennis matches, you can tag your friends on Scorpad as your opponent(s) or partner (in case of Doubles and Mixed Doubles). Once you tag your connections, a notification will be sent to them when the activity is added.

The Activity level privacy settings take precedence over everything else. Your connection might tag you while adding a badminton, tennis or table tennis match but you will only be able to view the activity if the privacy value for it has been set to Public or Connection Only.

Scorpad allows users to record their scores for Cricket, Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis along with all the Statistics, Insights and Rankings.

We would like Scorpad to be the #1 platform for all athletes to record, analyse and improve their game. We would be happy to hear from you if you wish to have your sport on Scorpad. Please write to us on [email protected] and we will do our best to include your sport in the upcoming release.

We have worked with many athletes and coaches in defining every sport that you see on Scorpad. We will be more than happy to include more attributes. Please write to us on [email protected] and we will do our best to help you on getting these attributes.

Scorpad compares you with all other athletes on the platform to give you a rank. The calculation of this rank is for some of the key attributes of every sport. You improve your chances of getting a better rank by recording your scores more often.

Ability to analyse your game against some pre-defined parameters is paramount. Insights allows you to achieve this. Scorpad builds intelligent insights from the attributes you capture while recording your score. You can make use of these insights to train better and prepare for your matches.

If you do not wish to add all the details for your Tennis, Badminton or Table Tennis match, you can select the LITE format where only the basic information about your scores and partner/ opponent(s) can be entered. This is a quick way to capture your match without having to specify other match attributes. The statistics for the LITE format are derived from the basic inputs specified while creating the activity.

In case of individual sports like Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis, the type of the match is a critical attribute. You might participate in a tournament where you play number of matches (across multiple rounds) to eventually be a winner in that tournament. Whereas, in case of Practice, it is a standalone match not part of any tournament with a specific result.

A tournament can be played as team or individual event across multiple rounds or as a round-robin competition. Tournament results can be independent of your match result. The Tournament section while creating Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis matches allows you to capture this data. There are multiple combinations possible in case of tournaments like you might win the tournament in singles format but be a runner-up in doubles and 2nd runner-up in mixed doubles. All these can be specified while creating the match. Similarly, you can lose a match in a team event, but still go on to win the tournament. Scorpad allows all these combinations to be specified and they reflect on your profile accordingly.

The court split captures the approximate split in the number of aces or double faults you have scored on Deuce and Ad sides. Since you might not remember the exact count on the two sides, the court split allows you to specify the approximate division between the two sides.

In a Badminton match, you can hit winners or faults on both sides of the court. In order to understand where you are hitting your winners and faults, Scorpad allows you to specify the two counts and also specify the side where you hit them. You can specify the approximate value on the Odd court or the Even court.

There are 5 types of posts in Scorpad.

  • Match: Scorpad provides you the ability to capture key attributes in a match. All the attributes for a match help you analyse and derive meaningful statistics out of it.
  • Awards: Scorpad allows you to record different types of awards or recognition you receive. You can either create an award from the list provided by Scorpad or create custom awards that you win. All the awards you enter will reflect on your profile's award stand.
  • Training: Scorpad allows user to create their own training drills, create training programs and add these drills and then execute the training programs to create training activities. The training programs will get added to the user’s profile.
  • Evaluation: Scorpad provides the user an important tool to rate yourself by creating Evaluations. This is an effective way to track your game, its attributes and your improvements over time. Evaluations are always private and will never be visible to other users and your friends.
  • Post: The Post is an important tool to communicate with your friends and get together on Scorpad. Like any other social platform, the post can seen by all your followers on their feed.
  • Apart from these posts, the user can also add their Equipment and Endorsement data. This information helps the user in creating a detailed profile for their sport.

An important attribute when you create an activity on Scorpad is the start time and the duration. Your age, gender, height & weight along with this data gives the approximate calorie value for your activity. You can also connect with Apple Health or Google Fit to get the calorie data for the date, time and duration. You can also edit these numbers if you have other means to calculate them.

You can share your activities on Facebook and other apps by clicking on the Share icon on your feed.

You can edit or delete your activities via these options on the Activity Details view on the mobile app. You cannot retrieve any activity once deleted.

Scorpad users can set the privacy at an activity level. The privacy setting helps to determine who gets to see that activity. When the privacy setting is "Everyone", all your followers will see this activity on their feed. Any user visiting your profile will also get to see this activity. When the privacy is set to "Connections Only", your followers will see this activity on their feed. They will also see this activity when they visit your profile. If the privacy is set to "Just You", this activity will not be visible to other Scorpad users.

The notes you capture while creating any activity are always private. They will never be visible to other users. The activity's privacy setting has no impact on the notes. You can use the notes as a tool to capture information that might help you when you refer to this activity later.

Evaluations are an important tool to track your individual attributes of your sport. They will always be private to your profile and would not be visible to other users.

We are exploring how this feature can be offered to Scorpad users. In the current version, this option is not available.

Statistics is a premium module in Scorpad. It offers great way to analyse your game and can help you to strategise your game as well as chalk out your training. You can apply rich set of filters and view your sports statistics in detail. You can also download all your career statistics as well as filtered results for further use.

During training one typically focuses on a specific area of your game and then perform different drills that help you improve that area. The same principle is applied in Scorpad. You need to create drills by defining the category (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental), set the type (Time or Count) and define the target areas and the equipment needed to perform this drill. Once the drills are defined, they can be included in the training programs and executed to create training activities.

Certain drills need to be performed for a set duration (time) while others need to be performed a set number of times (count). You can also have some drills that can fall in both the types (eg: Skipping drill can be done for 2 mins as well as 500 skips). In this case, you will have to create 2 separate drills and add them to training programs and execute.

Only PRO users will have the ability to search and execute training programs created by other Scorpad users. The privacy value for the training program has to be set to Everyone for it to be available to other PRO users.

When the training program edits or deletes a training program, you cannot execute the program again

Every drill inside a training program has a target that needs to be met. The target value from the training program and the actual value from the training activity are used to calculate your performance in the activity.

Every training program can have 3 groups. Each group can have a maximum of 5 drills and each drill can have a maximum of 3 sets. The activity performance is a single value derived from all the groups, drills and sets inside the program.

Scorpad allows you to create unlimited training program. Each program has 3 groups with each group having 5 drills. Ensuring targeted training program is critical in your quest to improve your game. Hence these limits are put in place. If you want to add more drills, you can create more programs and execute them to get the same output.

Scorpad offers privacy settings across multiple levels. Apart from the Account level privacy, you can specify the privacy value as Self, while creating a training program. This will ensure that other PRO Scorpad users cannot search this program and view the details. Similarly, while creating the training activity you can set the privacy setting to Just You and this activity will appear only on your feed. Even your connections will not be able to see this activity.

You can edit your training programs. There will be no impact to earlier activities. However, you will not be able to view the old training programs. All changes and other actions will be applicable to the latest version of the training program.

Your Scorpad profile is the entire snapshot of everything associated with your Sport. Your profile holds the data related to all the activities you have posted. It also holds the information about all your connections and any Pending requests. The Sports section of the profile holds information about all the sports you play. The list of all your equipment is also maintained with your rating for every equipment. You can also view your sports statistics. The main profile view also has the 12 months data for your favourite sport. Within every sport, you can create your unique skills. Users visiting your profile can endorse these skills. You award stand holds all your awards across all the sports. As you achieve more in your sport, your list of personal bests and challenges gets added to your profile. Your activity list is also available through your profile. The Evaluation section of your profile is private and others cannot view this. This gives you the ability to define your skills and rate them based on the level you play that sport.

Evaluations give you the ability to rate your skills within your sport. You can create these skills in 4 high level categories. Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental. As you start analysing your sport, these categories play a crucial role. This gives you the ability to look at your sport with an 360 degree view. You can then define skills within each category and start tracking them. You can either pick from a pre-defined list of skills or create your own skills. The requirements for your skills to be at a particular stage is dependent on the level you play that sport. Hence selecting your level and the value is mandatory while giving any rating. When you rate your skill, you have the ability to rate it out of 10. As you start using the evaluations, you will be able to track your progress. You will also be able to work with your coaches and chalk improvement areas for your skills.

The demands of playing a sport at National level are different from that of the School level. You might have a specific skill with a very high rating at the school level but it may not be enough at a higher level. Hence, while rating any skill, specifying the level for that rating is important.

Personal Bests are your top performances for specific attributes. Scorpad tracks these top performances and gives you a consolidated view. As you start recording your activities on Scorpad, the personal bests get updated.

Evaluation is the ability to track your skills over time across different levels. Endorsements give you the ability to specify your unique skills for your sport. Other athletes visiting your profile can endorse these skills and certify them. Evaluations are private and will not be visible to other Scorpad users. Endorsements are available to all users visiting your profile.

The endorsement module has the ability to add and delete skills. You can also add skills from your Evaluation by using the "Seek Endorsement" feature. If you want to stop others from endorsing you on a specific skill, you can use Pause Endorsement option. Users will not view this skill on your profile till you don't resume it again.

Users can specify a favourite sport from Settings section of the App. The 12 month statistics displayed on your profile are related to the favourite sport. Hence if you play more than 1 sport, you will get your statistics from the sports page. Detailed statistics for all the sports is available in the Statistics section of the app.

Scorpad users can add their favourite brands and models for their equipment. Scorpad provides a list of brands and models by default and also provides the ability to add new data.

There are often times when you switch brands or models for your equipment. If the user has stopped using a certain equipment, you can use the retire equipment feature. Users will not be able to edit retired equipment. This feature gives the user an ability to maintain a list of all their old and current equipment.

Scorpad provides health statistics for every activity that you record. Scorpad uses the age, height, weight and gender to calculate the calorie value for your match.

We take your privacy seriously and do not use this data for any other purpose.

Scorpad calculates calories using the activity duration, your age, weight, height and gender. Modern IoT devices also give some more attributes like Average Heart Rate & Distance. Scorpad allows connecting with Apple Health and Google Fit to fetch these values.

Scorpad does not use the Google Fit or Apple Health data for any other purpose.

Scorpad allows users to connect with or invite their Facebook friends to use Scorpad. Connecting with your Facebook account allows users to achieve this.

Scorpad does not use the Facebook credentials for any other purpose.

Scorpad fetches your city and country from your location while creating your profile. Scorpad does not share this information with any third-party. Scorpad does not use this information for any other purpose.

While creating activities, Scorpad allows the user to specify the venue. This location appears on the feed. The activity location is also a filter that will help you analyse your stats at a particular venue.

Scorpad uses a secure payment gateway to process all payments. Scorpad does not store any credit card information in its system and hence it is 100% secure.

We understand that young boys and girls will use Scorpad as a tool to improve in their respective sport. As parents and guardians, we understand your concern to ensure their privacy. We share this concern and hence we do not share any personal information with any third-party. We constantly work to ensure that the content on Scorpad is safe for consumption. We will do everything possible to avoid any online abuse, trolling or bullying. Anyone found abusing our Terms of usage will be blocked on Scorpad.

Scorpad offers privacy settings for the account as well as individual activities. By setting your account privacy as "Private" you can ensure that your profile is safe. Scorpad users will get your profile when they search for your name. They will not be able to see any information apart from your name and city. If users want to follow you on Scorpad, they will have to send you a Follow request. Only after you accept this request will a user be able to view your profile and your activities on their feed.

Scorpad does not access any meta data associated with images uploaded by users. Hence, users will not be able to get the location for the pictures taken.

Your age, height, weight and gender are not listed anywhere on Scorpad. Scorpad uses these values to calculate the calories for your activities. This information is not shared with any third-party. Only you have access to this information and no one else has access to it.