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Getting Started on Mobile

Welcome to Scorpad! We are excited to have you as part of Scorpad, the ultimate tool for all athletes to record, analyse, improve and collaborate.

This section will help you get started with Scorpad on Mobile.

Keep your profile up to date:

It is important that you keep your profile up to date. You can edit your profile from the Settings section of the app. Scorpad allows you to enter name, city, update age, height, weight and your favourite sport. You can also update your profile picture. You can specify your tag line and your primary profile information from this section too. The user can view their profile from the top left corner by clicking on their profile image. This section gives a detailed information about your sports, awards, endorsement and evaluations. You can also maintain your list of equipment from the profile section.

Follow other Scorpad athletes

Scorpad allows you to connect with like-minded athletes. You can search for your friends on Scorpad. You can also search for your friends using Scorpad on Facebook and in your phone contacts. You can invite them to Scorpad and start collaborating. You can view your friends activities and like, comment and share them. You can also endorse their skills. Scorpad is a great platform to form a community of friends and create a smart ecosystem of like-minded athletes.

Update your settings and preferences:

You can configure your settings and preferences using the Setting section of the app. You can update your account privacy to control your profile's visibility. You can edit your profile and update the basic information. You can connect with Facebook account or Phone contacts to search or invite your friends. You can also connect with your Apple Health or Google Fit to fetch health statistics. Managing your notifications preferences is also possible through the Settings section. experience enjoyable.

Recording your activities

Activity Types on Scorpad

Once you have setup your Scorpad profile, made connections and set your preferences, you are now ready to start recording your scores. Scorpad allows you to record, analyse, improve and collaborate with your friends. Scorpad activities are of 5 types.


Every sport has a set of attributes that define the performance by the player in a match. The score can be part of a tournament or a practice match that the user is playing. Scorpad allows users to capture these attributes and help in analysing it further. Players can then derive intelligent statistics and insights into their game. Based on this analysis you can chalk your training programs and aim for improvements. Scorpad also allows users to capture the health statistics for these matches.


Scorpad allows user to specify the awards they win. These awards get added to the user's profile and appear on the user's award stand. Users can add awards from the pre-defined list or create custom awards as per their performances.


Scorpad allows user to create their own training drills, create training programs and add these drills and then execute the training programs to create training activities. The training programs will get added to the user’s profile.


A Post in Scorpad is a means of communicating with all your friends in an easy way. It is the easiest form of collaboration that Social media platforms have to offer. Your friends can interact with you a post with Likes and Comments that will be visible on the feed.


Evaluation is a tool in Scorpad that allows users to analyse their game objectively. Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental are the 4 primary areas to capture your skills. Once you define a skill, Scorpad will give you the ability to rate it on a scale of 10 for the level you play that sport. As your level increases, the expectations for your skill also increase. (eg: As you move from College level to State level player, your skills also need to improve in order to cope with the demands of that level. This forms an important factor in measuring your progress in an objective way.

Health-Data for my activity

Scorpad captures the health-stats for your activity. Health stats for an activity are the calorie value, distance and average heart rate. Scorpad can fetch this information by connecting with your Apple Health or Google Fit account. If there is no data for the specific date, time and duration of the activity, Scorpad will calculate the Calorie data based on the activity duration, your age, height, weight and gender. If you have other means to capture this information, you can always edit this manually.

You can connect to your Apple Health or Google Fit account and get the calorie value, distance and average heart rate for your activity.

Share activity with friends

Scorpad is a platform for athletes to collaborate and share activity details from Scorpad on social apps like Facebook. Most social apps on your phone will support this feature.

Every activity on Scorpad will have the ‘Share’ icon next to your activity in your feed. Only pre-defined attributes for the activity can be shared outside Scorpad.

Scorpad does not capture any location data for any activity and hence this cannot be shared to any social platforms. Once an activity is saved, it appears on your feed but will be only visible to your friends on Scorpad based on your account privacy and activity privacy settings.

Analyze Profile

Athlete Statistics

The statistics section in Scorpad is a paid feature and is only available to premium users. The statistics section has three primary sub-sections. The first section in statistics is derived from all the matches you play and the associated attributes you enter. This section offers great insights into your game and gives you the ability to track and improve. Scorpad offers the option to filter this data and gives you an opportunity to look at your statistics in greater detail. You can use this data to prepare your training programs as well as get ready for your next match. Scorpad offers you the ability to export this data in comma separated values (CSV) format. The second section is your Rank that is based on certain pre-defined attributes associated with your sport. The leader board gives you a relative rank against your fellow athletes. The third section is the Insights section which gives you in-depth analysis that will help in analysing and improving your game.

The user can use Evaluations created on Scorpad to objectively view the improvements for specific skills and attributes. These will help you tweak their training programs. This is an extremely important feature on Scorpad and is something that is commonly used by professional athletes.

Export Data from Scorpad

Scorpad generates results from a rich set of filters that can be analysed on the app. However, if the athletes wish to export this data outside Scorpad to share with their coaches or perform additional analysis, Scorpad provides an export feature. This will create an excel file that contains a list of all applied filters and the resulting list of activities with all possible activity attributes.

Profile Settings

Personal Settings

Scorpad uses your email address as your login ID and hence it cannot be changed once you register.

Scorpad allows the user to change their profile through the edit profile option on the settings section. Use can change their profile picture, city, name, date of birth, height and weight through this option.

Scorpad uses your height, weight, age and gender for calculating the calorie value for your activities. This information is not visible to other Scorpad users and is also not shared with any third-party apps.

Scorpad allows users to configure the in-app as well as email notifications. This can be configured through the notifications section in the app settings.

In order to accurately capture the health statistics for your activities, an athlete can connect to their Apple Health or Google Fit accounts. Once configured, Scorpad will get the health stats (Calories, Distance and Average HR) from these accounts for the time specified during your activity.

If the Health Apps are not configured, Scorpad will calculate the health statistics using your age, height, weight and gender for every activity.

Your health app credentials are safe with us and will not be shared with any 3rd party. They will only be used to gather the health statistics associated with your activities. Scorpad does not write any data back to your health apps.

Scorpad allows users to set the account privacy to either Public, Private or Personal. In case of Public accounts, users will be able to search your profile on Scorpad and start following you. They will be able to view your profile, endorse your skills, view your public activities. Once they start following you, your activities will appear on their feed and they can Like or Comment on your activity. You will receive a notification when users start following you on Scorpad. In case of Private accounts, user will have to send you a Follow request. Once you accept this request, they will have your activities, with the privacy setting as Everyone as well as Connection, on their feed and they can Like and Comment on them. A personal account in Scorpad is not visible to any other Scorpad user. You can make your account Personal from the Settings section of Scorpad. Scorpad users will be able to search your name but will not be able to see your profile or activities. You will not be able to make any connections if your account is personal.

You can also specify the privacy settings at an activity level. Other users will be able to see your activities if the privacy is set to Everyone or Connections. For an activity with a settings as Just You, it will not be visible to any other user.

While creating training programs, the user can specify the privacy level as Self or Everyone. When you set the privacy for a training program as Self, only you will have access to executing this program to create an activity. The activity level privacy settings will work the same way as any other activity type. If the privacy is set to Everyone, other PRO users will be able to search the training program and execute them.


Scorpad allows you to search for other athletes on the platform. You can Follow them and start sharing your data with them. The option to Unfollow is available in the Connections section of the app as well as on the user’s profile page.

You can block any athlete from their profile page. The blocked user will be removed from the followers list. Your name will be removed the activity feeds. The blocked user will not get any notification. The user will appear in the Blocked Accounts sub-section in App settings.

The privacy policy details out the information Scorpad collects, how we use and share this data. You can change the different settings for your profile to control data that can be used and shared outside.

  • Do we track or share your location information? NO
  • Do we sell personal information? NO
  • Do we share or sell data to 3rd parties/ partners? NO
  • Do we use health information? YES, For Health Statistics only
  • Do we use your contact list, friends list? NO
  • Do we delete your data when you request account deletion? YES
  • Do we retain your data for as long as we need? YES
  • Do we track device location? NO
  • Do we listen to your microphone? NO
  • Do we track your browsing? NO
  • Do we use cookies? YES
  • Can you control who sees your activity? YES
  • Can you control who sees your profile? YES
  • Can others see my Evaluations? NO
  • Can others see my matches or training? YES, but can be controlled
  • Is profile set to Public by default? YES
  • Can you download your profile? YES
  • Can others download my profile? NO
  • Do we give you an advance notification during change of privacy policy? YES
  • Do I get notifications on mail? YES
  • Can I configure the notification settings? YES

Premium Subscription

Premium Plans

You can subscribe to the Scorpad premium services through Settings section of the app. Once upgraded, user will get immediate access to the premium/ additional features of Scorpad.

Once your account is upgraded, you will be able to get details about your subscription package, validity period and other related details from the settings section.

All Scorpad users get a FREE TRIAL period when they register their account. The free trial is available only once and will be applied when the user selects the option in the Subscription section or the Free trial banner on the app.

At the end of your Free trial or subsequent subscription period, your account will change to basic and access to the premium features will be revoked. Your data is safe and once you renew your subscription, you will regain access back to these sections.

Discount Codes

Time to time, Scorpad will offer discount packages on the Premium subscription. These can be availed by the user during the checkout process for premium payment.

Discount Codes

Time to time, Scorpad will offer discount packages on the Premium subscription. These can be availed by the user during the checkout process for premium payment.

Refund Policy

In case of any error while processing your subscription, we will refund your money within 7 days. If you still haven't received the money, please reach out to us on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you with the same.

Referral Policy

Scorpad offers attractive discounts when an existing user refers their friends to download and subscribe to Scorpad. Once the subscription is confirmed, the user will be able to avail the referral discount, using the appropriate code, while renewing their subscription. Users will be able to see their progress in the Referral section and also be able to Claim all referral benefits. The more you refer the more you will earn.

General Information

About Scorpad

Scorpad is a tool for athletes to record, analyse, improve and collaborate.

Scorpad Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a piece of data that is stored in the browser used for Scorpad access. This enables different functionalities in Scorpad and to personalize your Scorpad experience.
Scorpad uses Persistent and Session cookies. Persistent are placed on your browser for a fixed period of time. Whereas, Session cookies are used for authentication purpose and personalization. These are deleted after you exit.

How to report cheating

Scorpad is a social network moderated by its athletes. We rely on our users to ensure authentic data is entered. We expect the athletes to ensure a professional conduct. We are also constantly working on ensuring that the content on our platform is safe for consumption for everyone. We will do everything possible to avoid any online abuse, trolling or bullying. Athletes can be flagged or reported for abuse by fellow Scorpad users. Anyone found to be abusing the Terms of usage will be blocked on the platform immediately.


You can find the Scorpad FAQs here.

How do I contact Scorpad?

Please email us on [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest.