Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we take it seriously. The policy explains the information we collect from our Users (“Athletes”), how we use it. The policy also describes how the users can manage their privacy settings using our mobile apps.

Scorpad is a product by Collabsports Technologies Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Pune, India. Scorpad collects personal information from the users in different ways in order to provide all its services. Users can register on Scorpad through the mobile app. We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices with the required security measures to protect against any unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration of your personal information, username, password, transactional information and other data.

In the unlikely event of breach of security, Scorpad will notify all its users whose personal information might have been accessed, in accordance with the procedures. We do not sell user’s personal information or share it with any third parties.

In case of minors, Scorpad might ask users for a parent/ guardian consent.

Account Information

We collect basic information like your name, location (city, country), email address, date of birth, gender and password that helps in granting you access to all the services Scorpad has to offer.

Information like your Age, Gender, Height and Weight is collected by Scorpad for the purpose of calculating your Health Stats associated with the activity you post on Scorpad. This information is not used anywhere else on the platform. We do not share this information with any third-party.

User’s profile on Scorpad also consists of additional information associated with the Sport they play. As of now, Scorpad offers collection of data, statistics and analysis for the game of Cricket. Scorpad will soon be launching all these features for other sports like Badminton, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis.

User profile on Scorpad consists of the sports the user plays, the different achievements (Awards and Personal Bests & Challenges (System Generated Awards)), the equipment they use, their skills & related endorsements and the profile statistics that are built through the different activities (Matches and Trainings) they complete. Scorpad also allows athletes to create their self-assessments, referred to as Evaluations.

When a user creates their profile, the location (City, Country) is stored as part of the user’s basic profile. Apart from that, the location is collected for an activity. The location information collected is not shared with any 3rd party. The location at an activity level is not a mandatory field but it can act as an important filter while analysing player statistics. The location associated with an activity is the venue where the activity was performed and is not used anywhere else. Scorpad also does not do any live tracking of the user’s location.

Scorpad does not perform any analysis from the photos, locations, comments and likes the users receive on their posts. This dataa is not shared with any third-party.

Delete User Account

Scorpad users can opt to delete their account in which case Scorpad will delete all the user’s activities, analysis created, evaluations before deleting the profile from the platform. Once deleted, the user will not be able to retrieve any information, previously stored.

Retain User Information

Scorpad will retain the user information as long as it needs to provide services to its users. Information associated to your account will only be deleted when the user puts a delete account request through the app.

Health Information

Scorpad offers the feature to configure Apple Health or Google Fit accounts to your user profile. When you create any activity on Scorpad, if the Google Fit/ Apple Health accounts are configured, Scorpad will get the health statistics (Calories, Average HR and Distance) for the specific date/ time and duration of that activity. Apart from these times, Scorpad does not collect any other data from these health accounts. User can always remove/ disconnect these accounts from their profile.

Payment Information

Scorpad uses a secure third party payment gateway to process all subscriptions. Scorpad does not store any payment information (credit card details or any other payment related data) and always relies on the third-party gateway for payment processing. In case of any error while processing your subscription, we will refund your money within 7 days. In case of any issues regarding your Scorpad payment subscriptions, please write to [email protected] and our team will be more than happy to assist you. In case of Apple devices, Scorpad uses Apple’s in-app purchases for processing of subscriptions and the entire process is as per Apple’s in-app purchase guidelines.

Third Party Accounts

Scorpad allows the users to use Facebook, Apple and Google accounts to login and use Scorpad services. Scorpad will collect information like your name, email address and other profile information if you use these third-party accounts for access. This information is provided to Scorpad under the privacy policies for these accounts. While using Apple ID for login, the user needs to ensure that access to the email ID is provided in order to fetch account details associated with that email address. If email ID is not provided during Apple ID login, Scorpad will treat this as a new account.

Sharing information on Scorpad

Scorpad is a social network where athletes can create their profile, record their sporting activities that include matches, trainings, awards, analyse their performance and collaborate with other fellow athletes. Scorpad allows you to define privacy settings at an account level. If an account is defined as Public, the profile will be ‘Searchable’ and other users can view the profile. If the profile is set as ‘Private’, other users will not be able to get any details inside the user’s profile without an explicit friend request that needs an approval. Users can also define the privacy settings at an activity level. An activity can be defined as Private ("Just You"), Visible to Connections ("Connections") or Visible to Public ("Everyone"). User will be able to change the values for all these privacy settings through the profile settings section of the app.

Scorpad allows the users to share their activities on other social platforms through the share option available on the feed. Once shared outside of Scorpad, the profile settings of the external platforms will drive the privacy of these. You should use caution while sharing anything on other platforms.

Email notifications and preferences

User will be able to configure the notifications they receive from the Scorpad app. This can be achieved through the user settings section. Scorpad does not offer the option to stop receiving notifications related to any administrative aspects of the platform.

Contacting Us

In you have any questions about this privacy policy or any other aspect of Scorpad, please write to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Last updated 10 October, 2021